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Portfolio Bond Investment Policy

Portfolio Bond combines individual asset management service and the benefits of a life insurance policy - it's a unit linked life insurance policy which allows long term investment into a wide variety of financial instruments. 

General information

Key Benefits of Portoflio Bond:

  • Discretionary asset management services
  • Assets are registered to SEB Life - financial privacy
  • Death Benefit of 101% payable to beneficiaries (conditions may apply)

Portfolio Bond is a life insurance policy suitable for both private and corporate customers. Up to five asset management custody accounts can be attached and each custody account will have an asset manager nominated by the policyholder. Policy value is dependent on the performance of the chosen investments in your portfolio.

If you are interested in applying for a Portfolio Bond Investment Insurance, please contact life.finland@seb.fi for more information.

Wealth Protector Cover

The wealth protector benefit is an optional benefit available on the Portfolio Bond. The benefit aims to protect the value of the policy in the event of death, protecting your beneficiaries during adverse market conditions. Wealth protector is a cost-effective benefit and allows you to select the level of protection required. The protection level can be set at 90%, 95% or 100% of premium paid (less any charges that may apply).


Additional information for legal entities 

Application form - only available in Finnish and Swedish

Brochure - only available in Finnish and Swedish

Policy conditions - only available in Finnish and Swedish

Privacy policy 

Additional premium application - only available in Finnish and Swedish

Beneficiary nomination

Encashment form - only available in Finnish and Swedish

Registeration for web PIN code

Client information form

Permitted assets & exchanges

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