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Information on DAC6

Here you can find information on DAC6 and the arrangement IDs per product.

What is DAC6?

DAC6 is the most recent amendment to EC Council Directive on Administrative Cooperation 2011/16/EU which came into force on 25th June 2018.

Under DAC6, legal advisors, tax advisors, intermediaries and financial institutions among others may have reporting responsibilities when advising upon or entering a cross border arrangement. A cross border arrangement occurs when the participants in the arrangement are tax resident in jurisdictions outside of Ireland.

What is reported and by whom?

The promotors and/or service providers of cross border arrangements are responsible for the relevant DAC6 reporting. SEB Life International will undertake all standard product arrangement reporting to the Irish Revenue Commissioner (Ireland’s tax authority) who will then pass this information to the tax authority in the country of the policyholder’s tax residence.

Information on arrangements

Arrangement name for reporting Country Marketable arrangement ID
Kapitaldepå Sweden IEA20210119000102
Direktpension Sweden IEA20210121000155
Professional Portfolio Sweden IEA20210122000055
Pensionsdepå Sweden IEA20210122000202
Pensionsdepå enl. kompletteringsregeln Sweden IEA20210122000060
Finnish Asset Management Bond Finland IEA20210122000063
Portfolio Bond Finland Finland IEA20210122000066
CRB Finland Finland IEA20210122000069
UL  Sijoitusvakuutus Finland IEA20210122000072
UL Ålandsbanken Finland IEA20210122000075
Regular Savings Plan Finland IEA20210615006475
Wealth Portfolio UK UK IEA20210125000209
Wealth Portfolio Portugal Portugal IEA20210125000206


If you require more information

You can find further information on DAC6 and what is reported in our Guide to DAC6.