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Wealth Portfolio Portugal

The Wealth Portfolio Portugal is a single premium unit-linked insurance which enables investment in a wide range of different financial instruments through a discretionary or advisory asset management agreement. One or several custody accounts can be connected to the policy and the advisor will have access to flexible and broad investment options.

The Wealth Portfolio is possible to maintain when moving back to Sweden. It is therefore an interesting option for Swedish customers residing in Portugal who wants simplicity and control over their financial situation when they eventually move back to Sweden.

General Information

Choosing to invest in the Wealth Portfolio provides the following benefits:

  • Additional premiums can be done at any time
  • One or several beneficiaries can be added to the policy
  • The insurance can be pledged as loan collateral
  • Portability – the insurance policy is possible to maintain when moving to Sweden and other countries, subject to the relevant country’s tax and insurance legislation.
  • No VAT on asset management services


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