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Frequently asked questions


SEB Life International Assurance Company Designated Activity Company, trading as SEB Life International is a life insurance company incorporated and regulated in Ireland which engages in the cross border distribution of insurance based investment products under the EU Third Life Directive. SEB Life International specialises in the provision of tailored EU insurance policies and offers bespoke propositions to suit complex investment needs.

Asset Management Bond

The Asset Management Bond designed for residents of Finland is a single premium, unit-linked life insurance policy offered by SEB Life International within the European Union under the 'Freedom to Provide Services' contained within the EU Third Life Directive. Within the Asset Management Bond, SEB Life International's professional services team can take care of the buying, selling, valuations, income receipt as well as arranging custody of the underlying assets held within your policy. Read more.

Unit Linked Sijoitusvakuutus
The Sijoitusvakuutus, designed for residents of Finland, is a single premium, unit-linked whole of life assurance policy offered by SEB Life International under the 'Freedom to Provide Services' contained within the Third Life Directive. The Sijoitusvakuutus offers a wide range of funds to be linked to your policy and you can choose up to ten funds from the panel of funds to be held in your policy at once. Read more.

Portfolio Bond Investment Policy
Portfolio Bond combines individual asset management service and the benefits of a life insurance policy - it's a unit linked life insurance policy which allows long term investment into a wide variety of financial instruments. Read more.

Portfolio Bond Capital Redemption Bond
Portfolio Bond Capital Redemption Bond is a single premium unit-linked insurance, which enables investment in a vast variety of different financial instruments. Capital Redemption Bond is suitable for an investor with a long investment horizon. Read more.

SEB Life Pension Policy
The product is not open for new applications.
Literature is available for existing clients in Finnish and Swedish. Read more.

The unique nature of each person's financial circumstances means that obtaining financial investment or taxation advice is imperative. SEB Life international does not give financial investment or taxation advice and therefore in order to select the product that is right for you, you must contact a professional adviser.

SEB Life International's website publishes daily fund prices, regular fund newsletters, information on fund returns and regular market comments.

All of our policies have minimum investment levels and you may invest by electronic transfer. The first step to making an investment should always be made by contacting your professional adviser.

  • Information about us
  • Product range information per territory
  • Downloadable literature including brochures, information documents and forms
  • Information about how to invest with us
  • Daily Fund Prices & Performance figures
  • Territory specific access to our range of fund factsheets
  • Online policy valuations

All Irish based life assurance companies are tightly regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU) and the Irish regulatory system is fully in line with EU requirements. Detailed financial reports must be submitted to the Central Bank of Ireland periodically. Technical reserves must be maintained that match the total value of all liabilities to policyholders. A solvency margin over and above technical reserves must be held in respect of product lines.

For more details please read the Guide to Financial Security & Policyholder Protection.

Pension Policies

If the policyholder is a company, then the company can surrender the policy if the life assured is no longer working at the company. Money is returned to the company and not to the life assured. Note! If the life assured has signed an irrevocable beneficiary clause the life assured’s signed approval is needed for surrender.

If the policyholder is a private client, then they can surrender the policy providing one of the following terms has fulfilled within the last year:

  •  the policyholder’s spouse has died
  •  the policyholder’s divorce is set in force
  •  the policyholder OR his/her spouse has been unemployed for more than one year
  • the policyholder is permanently unable to work due to their health

If one of the above mentioned reasons do apply then we require the following documents (originals to be sent to PL 953, 00101 Helsinki).

  •  surrender application form
  • bank statement or other document confirming account number, account owner, bank and date
  • copy of a valid ID
  • proof of valid surrender reason (for example doctor’s statement or court order)
  • if it is a company owned policy and there is an irrevocable beneficiary nomination we also require written confirmation from the life assured that he agrees that the company surrenders the policy back to themselves

There is no online portal for the pension products.

Contact SEB Life at life.finland@seb.fi or call our customer service at 0800 90805 and request to receive a statement of value for your policy. You also get your annual statement automatically every January.

By filling out our change of contact details form and emailing it back to us on life.finland@seb.fi. The form can be found here.

By filling out a fund switch form and emailing it to life.finland@seb.fi . The Fund switch form and Fund list can be found on our web page at https://seb.ie/fi/suomi/tuotteet/ei-uusmyyntia/seb-life-elakevakuutus

Tax cert for income tax needs to be for ’jatkuvaa eläkettä’. If tax cert is not received tax is 40%.

You can start your pension age once you have reached your policy’s pension age. The pension age depends on the policy’s commencement date.

Commencement date Pension age
Before                   23.6.1999                                      58
Between              24.6.1999 – 5.5. 2004            60

The minimum term is two consecutive years and four payments but note that timing of when the savings were paid into the policy also affect the minimum term.

  • Savings paid between 1.1.2010 – 31.12.2016 cannot be taken out before the client has turned 62.
  • Savings paid after 1.1.2017 are subject to the statutory retirement age of each client.

By adhering to the above restrictions the client can plan their own pension term. Please discuss possible payment plan with your broker or tax advisor.

Payslips are electronic and can be viewed through your own personal online bank. Service provider is Maventa and can be found in different ways depending on your online bank.

By filling out a amendment form and emailing it to life.finland@seb.fi.

Minimum savings amount is 84 euro a month or 840 euro in a year.

Savings are tax redactable following the tax authorities guidelines.

Private up to 5000 euro and Corporate up to 8500 euro per year.

Portfolio Bond- policies

You can view AMB / PB / CRB / UL insurance from our electronic service at: https://webapp.sebgroup.com/elife/Authentication.

For Asset Management Bond insurance, you can fill out a trading form and send it to our trading department at dealing@seb.ie. If the insurance has an asset management account, you must contact your insurance intermediary about fund changes.

  • In the case of Portfolio Bond and Capital Redemption Bonds, fund exchanges must, in principle, be linked to your own insurance intermediary.
  • Unit Linked, International Investors Bond and WL Savings Insurance, you can fill out our fund conversion form and send it to us either by post or email to life.finland@seb.fi

We ask you to notify either our Finnish-speaking customer service or insurance broker if this is known. Our guidelines document requirements on a case-by-case basis as they depend on the insurance beneficiary’s order.

IT Questions

Existing policyholders can obtain policy valuations. Policyholders will be prompted to log on when accessing secure services. To log on to our secure site, please click here.

If you would like to register to have access to SEB Life International’s secure Website, please e-mail life.finland@seb.ie who will organise your registration.

Please email Sales Support who will help you with your query.

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