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Portfolio Bond Capital Redemption Bond

Portfolio Bond Capital Redemption Bond is a single premium unit-linked insurance, which enables investment in a vast variety of different financial instruments. Capital Redemption Bond is suitable for an investor with a long investment horizon.

General information

Key Benefits of the Portfolio Bond Capital Redemption Bond:

  • Convenience of holding the asset selection in one simple structure
  • Wide range of acceptable assets
  • Flexibility when changing the investment portfolio
  • The ability to work in conjunction with the appointed Asset Manager
  • Enhanced financial privacy as an investor
  • The Policy can be pledged, for example, as security for a loan
  • No need to nominate lives assured as with traditional life assurance investments

Portfolio Bond Capital Redemption Bond is a single premium, unit-linked insurance policy, which enables investments in a wide variety of different instruments. Investment insurance is suitable for an investor whose investment horizon is at least 5 years.

The Policy has a term of 100 years from Date of Commencement, but the Policyholder may access the Policy Value at any time by fully or partially encashing the Policy (subject to availability of liquidity and possible charges).

One or more investment portfolios may be attached to the Policy, and the Policyholder may appoint an Asset Manager for each of them.

Interested in applying for Capital Redemption Bond insurance? Contact life.finland@seb.fi for more information.