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Unit Linked Sijoitusvakuutus

The Sijoitusvakuutus, designed for residents of Finland, is a single premium, unit-linked whole of life assurance policy offered by SEB Life International under the 'Freedom to Provide Services' contained within the Third Life Directive. The Sijoitusvakuutus offers a wide range of funds to be linked to your policy and you can choose up to ten funds from the panel of funds to be held in your policy at once.


General information

Choosing to invest in the Sijoitusvakuutus provides the following benefits:

  • Access to a wide range of investments
  • Efficient administration
  • Simple policy structure

The policy is a medium to long-term product aimed at providing capital growth to your investment. The Policy will remain in force until the death of the Policyholder.

SEB Life International offers a selection of externally managed funds at the time of investment. The value of your policy depends on the performance of these funds. Changes in the investment funds within the policy will not constitute capital gains tax. 


At any stage you can:

  • Change the allocation of the funds linked to your policy
  • Pay additional premiums to your policy
  • Fully or partially encash your policy

You can make a full or partial encashment of your policy at any stage. In the case of partial encashments the value of your policy must remain above €1,000. The minimum withdrawal amount is €1,000. In the early years of a premium payment, remaining establishment fees will be taken at encashment. The policy can also be pledged to secure a loan.

Interested in applying for Unit Linked insurance? Contact life.finland@seb.fi for more information.